On Call Service & 24/7 Assistance

At Enterprise Electrical Cork Ltd. we understand fully the importance of providing a complete maintenance service. It is our objective to keep your business running at all times and in the event of an unwanted breakdown we understand the importance of rectifying the fault in a safe and timely manner. For this reason we offer an out of office on call and 24/7 emergency call out service with our clients to give them the peace of mind in having our technical assistance available at all times. Our staff are on hand to ensure minimal plant downtime at your facility.

We cover any event of electrical or instrumentation break down, emergency calibration or if for scheduling reasons that certain calibrations or electrical work must take place out of normal working hours to facilitate for example a production schedule. This can be organised for week night work or indeed weekend work.

This service also extends to process support where production or utility related issues are concerned.

Our services include:

Electrical / Electrical Inspection and Testing / Electrical Instrumentation Maintenance
Instrumentation and Calibration / 24/7 Assistance / Data Cabling / Fire Alarms


Enterprise Electrical is your trusted provider for electrical services including electrical inspection and testing, instrumentation and calibration, electrical instrumentation maintenance and 24/7 assistance.

  • 28 years of experience.

  • Industrial maintenance contracts providers.

  • A reputation for excellence built on integrity.

  • Quality and safety of highest importance.

  • All personnel valid safe pass registration.

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