Recordati Ireland Limited, a pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing the proprietary anti-hypertensive Zanidip®, is a subsidiary of the Milan-based Recordati Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica S.p.A. It has been operational in Cork since 2003 and has a staff of 50.

Project Information

Recordati Ireland’s aim was to improve overall specific energy usage (kwh/kg), particularly electricity, using 2007 as a base year (this was the first full year of production). A Right First Time philosophy was initiated and process improvements, tighter preventative maintenance and better scheduling led to higher output, while keeping overall kwhs under tight controL. Taking 2007 as the base year, an output increase of 37% was to be achieved in 2012 using 19% less total kwh than in 2007 with a cumulative saving of almost €700,000 over the period from 1 Jan 2008 to 31 May 2012.

Judges Description

“Recordati has clearly demonstrated that increasing the production efficiency and output while managing energy in a structured manner, produces very significant energy and cost savings. Since 2007 they have reduced their energy consumption while at the same time output has increased by 37%.”