Energy Monitoring and Energy Projects

Without understanding how much energy your facility is using and what plant items or sections are using that energy, it can be very difficult to establish where energy savings may be made. Through quantifying your energy consumption and identifying energy waste, we at Enterprise Electrical Ltd aim to help your company to avail of any potential energy saving opportunity.

EnergyMonitoringIf reducing your energy consumption is part of your company’s goal then we are confident that we can help you achieve and possibly exceed these targets.

We are constantly working with our clients to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. This consultation takes many forms and we have worked with them on the reduction of gas, water, steam and of course electricity to reduce site energy costs. We provide technical guidance on budgeting for such projects and provide return on investment figures to aid with securing the necessary budget for such capital projects.

We take great pride in the fact that we as contractors form part of our client’s energy team and play a pivotal role in all aspects of energy reduction projects on their site.

Specifying suitable energy meters and installing them in strategic locations and branch circuits around the plant allowing the client to monitor electricity usage in real time and trend the usage on their own DCS system via Modbus links allowing greater monitoring and control over their electricity usage.

At Enterprise Electrical Cork Ltd we have the knowledge and experience in the installation and programming of variable speed drives to allow you achieve the potential savings from a vast array of applications. We have been involved in many projects involving VSDs. From identifying suitable motor applications, to installing the correct VSD and calculating return on investment figures we have the technical staff at hand to be part of your variable speed drive project.

We can provide an electrical energy monitoring instrument to monitor your electricity usage on main or branch circuits or to gather data for individual buildings, motors, machinery etc. This will allow you to estimate the running cost of individual applications or your entire site which is extremely useful for budgeting purposes.

To achieve better control over this clients Air Handling Units which account for a large percentage of the site electricity and gas usage. We were involved in the design, installation, commissioning and handover of this project. This upgrade provided better scheduling capabilities and control over the AHU’s. The ability to turn off individual supply and extract fans when not in use and automatically reduce temperature set points during weekends and bank holidays ensured maximum savings from this capital investment project.

Installation of energy efficient lighting for new and existing buildings. From indoor office to outdoor carpark lighting we are up to date with the very latest in energy efficient lighting products.


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